The Struggle of Death
July 15, 2020

Editor's note: This essay was not written by Julius Caesar, and the Heaven Institute of The Afterlife (HITA) does not exist. This essay was written as part of a class on college essay writing.

The Struggle of Death By. Julius Caesar

Death, what comes after? What leads up to it? We as human beings rarely think of such things. But looking down on my past, on the people who had committed my murder, on the way life was afterwards. I have come to accept my place in heaven, because it's way better than the mess they have going on down there.

But believe it or not, my death was quite a roadblock for me. I had family, friends, a whole nation of people who knew who I was. It was awful, thinking of how I can no longer partake in my pursuit of power but here was the real breathtaking roadblock:

I got murdered by a group of men who were set out to kill me, consisting of some of my friends. They did not like my desire to become a king, so with each stab, it became more painful for me. It affected me horribly because like previously stated, I did not get to live out my dream of becoming a ruthless dictator. I have accomplished great things as a leader for this nation, and I look forward to my future in the afterlife. My leadership skills down on Earth will continue into Heavens. The entire state loved and adored me. Never would I have thought that it would be my own friends to betray me. I always thought that they loved me just like the citizens. If I knew how they felt, I would have acted differently. I wonder every second why even my best friend Brutus had a say in my murder, but thats in the past, and all I can focus on now is the present.

I learned that my success was enough to derail a whole council of senators. If that isn't a confidence boost then I don't know what is.

I think I am a perfect fit for the Heaven Institute Of The Afterlife (HITA), my leadership, intelligence, and use of pure logic which, again, challenged the leadership of an entire senate council, makes me the perfect candidate for the environment presented in the HITA.