Message to Fork Listeners
May 22, 2020

When we first started planning Fork in November 2018, we thought it would just be one album made as a joke. One album turned into two, and by the time we started planning the third installment, we figured that Fork would be a trilogy ending with "Fork 3: The End". Well, COVID-19 came, and I decided to create "Fork 3: Quarantine Edition" on my own, as it fit the theme of social distancing during this pandemic. I hope to create a new ending to this series, with a fourth installment of Fork hopefully ready in early November 2020, just in time for the two year anniversary of the original album cover photo being taken, and planning on the original album starting. It's unclear if we'll reuse the old Fork 3 title and call it "Fork 4: The End", or if we'll use our original idea for the fourth installment, "Fork 4: Fourk". My music career won't end after Fork, and I hope to continue with great music to come as 2020 progresses and into 2021. I hope you enjoy Fork 3, and please get in touch with me at with any comments. Album suggestions should go to the Fork email address,

Ben Chase
Fork co-creator