Ben Chase

Speech from P-cubed, March 21, 2019: the way it was supposed to be

Adapted for use in Mr. [redacted]’s class on March 22

At every P-cubed, there is a section, before closing prayer and pizza, called open forum. Anyone can get up, and talk about whatever. It can be about the small group session, or just a simple “sub to Pewdiepie”. Everything is accepted. At yesterday’s P-cubed, I decided to get up and go up to the higher up portion of the chapel. The topic for yesterday’s gathering was priorities. I have some stage fright, so I was very nervous to make this speech, but I had the seniors supporting me throughout the entire time. My biggest inspiration for making this speech was [redacted], who was brave enough to speak about a time he was bullied in 6th grade.

I started this speech with asking how much of the crowd knew me. I was expecting maybe at most 10 to 15 hands to go up. There were probably about 25 to 30 hands up, including most of the seniors, Mr. [redacted], and many others. I never felt more like a celebrity before in my life.

There was also a time where I felt like a celebrity. It was the day after I got my Saint John’s acceptance letter. I told one friend and they told another friend, and that friend told like 75 people who all went like “Congratulations, Ben.”.

Last night’s feeling had more to it. I realized then and there that there were seniors that knew me. As a freshman in high school, that was also a near nobody in middle school, it felt amazing that they knew me.

Most people say in most high schools, “seniors rule the school”, but here at Saint John’s, it’s almost like that, but you get seniors like the ones at P-cubed that care for everyone, freshmen included. It would be nice for them to truly know what I had to say last night, and they only got me with the stage fright. But it was the best I could do last night. It might feel weird for them, especially because some people think its weird to be a junior or a senior and seen hanging out with a freshman, but these boys really like me.

Back in middle school, I was a near nobody, as mentioned earlier. All the popular kids were the ones getting C’s and D’s and weren’t thinking about their future. They were the ones on the middle school football team and football was their number one priority.

My number one priority throughout eighth grade was my schoolwork because I wanted to come to Saint John’s. I knew it was the right school for me. I was perfectly fine with having two or three friends and no social life after school, mainly because I was focusing on my grades to come to Saint John’s.

And that move up to Saint John’s turned out to be the right move. I am doing fairly well for high school honors classes, with A’s, B’s, and C’s. I know I said that the middle school kids with C’s weren’t that good, but middle school is meant to be easier than high school.

As for the popular kids back home, they are still most likely stupid and annoying. In a few years I bet they will be doing drugs. This isn’t to say that all kids at the school with them are also stupid themselves, because there are kids that are smart and want to be successful. Those are the kids I am finding out all this information about the popular kids of middle school from.

The seniors here at Saint John’s are really friendly to me, especially the ones I met first, [redacted] and [redacted]. They were the ones who I talked to while balling my eyes out in February. They told me that it happens to everyone while they are at Saint John’s.

While we were eating the pizza last night in Campus Ministry, everyone was coming up to me and saying how much of a great job I did saying that speech. It’s not easy going up and talking in front of a bunch of people, especially without a script to read from, but [redacted] was standing right next to me the whole time and helping me along.

During the small group session, my small group was talking about how important it was to be friends with your teachers. The one teacher I have that I would say I’m friends with is Mr. [redacted]. He was there in the chapel last night encouraging me to keep going with my speech. I go to Campus Ministry every day and chat with him. I’m usually the first one to sign up for P-cubed through him.

Before eating the pizza, he came up to me and gave me a hug. This time, which was unlike last week at Apex, I gave him the hug as well. It’s nice to know that I have a teacher like Mr. [redcated] who will always be there to support me.

Last night, I was called by the seniors “one of them”. I felt like I earned that statement about myself. I bet that when I become a senior, maybe I’ll be a senior leader just like them.

Our next P-cubed will be happening on Thursday, April 4th, starting at 5:00 in the chapel. I might make another speech like this one. The cost is $5 to attend and I expect signups to be open around the end of next week. My speech, if I choose to do one, will happen around 6:15. Please note that if you want to come to see my speech, you have to attend the entire event.