The Southfield Mystery

This was written as an assignment for my English class.

On the outskirts of a big city lies a small town named Southfield. Long before the highway--that just barely misses the town--was paved, the town of Southfield was very populated. It had been over five years since the last human stepped foot into the town, but a girl by the name of Jez changed that. Armed with only an attack flashlight, yes they make those, and a pen and paper, she made her way through the fallen trees and collapsed buildings.

Jez’s reason to visit Southfield was to investigate the disappearance of the Jones family, who had lived there for over 20 years. The family had disappeared just before their first child was about to be born. Everyone in Southfield had known the Jones family, and did not expect them to disappear.

When Jez stepped into the Jones’ home, she saw that they had left two things, a pair of red baby shoes, and a sign reading: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”. Continuing through the house, it appeared as the Jones’ were fully prepared for their new child to live at the house.

Crawling around the debris to the best of her ability, she made her way to the second floor. There she found an old and very tattered notebook. There she sat and read. The notebook started off as a normal diary, simple entries nothing too catching. But as the pages continued, it went from happy husband to one going insane. Jez sat there unable to stop herself from reading the words that his monster wrote down. His hate of his wife and the child inside of her. His plans to escape it all. Jez was horrified at the thought that his man thought escape meant killing his wife.

Down below the girl a door creaked open and the sound of someone dragging a metal tool. Jez didn’t take any chances. Jumping to her feet she ran for a window and leaped out landing on her feet. She shook off the paralysis and bolted for the highway back to her car.

She had taken the notebook with her, and found a letter tucked in the back of it addressed to Samantha Jones. The letter was from Samantha’s family, and told her to escape when the baby’s arrival was near.

Jez proceeded to walk around the town, and spoke to each of the town’s fifteen residents, but only one knew about Samantha’s family. He told Jez, “Her family lived in the big city”, and Jez got in her car, and drove to the city.

When she reached the city, she stumbled upon a woman who highly resembled the pictures of Samantha she found in the home.

Jez simply walked up to the door and knocked. Someone answered “For sale, baby shoes, never worn, but the family was.” Jez said as she handed the tattered notebook and walked away. As Jez reached for her car door, a woman’s voice called out, “Where did you find this?” Jez replied, “In a small house in Southfield.” The woman introduced herself as Samantha Wilson. “This notebook contains the crazy motives of my ex-husband, who wanted to kill me because I wanted to live in the city, closer to my own family.”, Samantha told Jez. Jez told her “I found these baby shoes for sale at your old house”. Shocked, Samantha replied “For sale! I was planning on taking those when I escaped, but they were nowhere to be found.”

Samantha invited Jez into her new home, with her newborn baby boy, named Joe. Jez gave both the notebook and the baby shoes to her, and left.